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Film Collection

Subject Source: Local sources
Scope Note: Distinguishes audiovisual material in the Library that are part of the 1987 Cataloged Film Collection created under the direction of Nina Root.

Found in 274 Collections and/or Records:

Shintoism and Japanese culture

Identifier: Film Collection no. 137
Scope and Contents Broadcast live from the Henry E. Huntington Museum Library and Botanical Gardens in San Marino, California, the program examines Japanese religion and culture. Japanese dancers and musicians perform classical dances in a film which depicts classical Japanese music and dance performances and the effects of Shintoism, the main religion, on Japanese family life. In the Huntington Museum, the topic is initially introduced by showing a tea ceremony in the tea house with traditional Japanese...
Dates: 1956

Shippee-Johnson Peruvian Expedition aerial film collection, 1931-1999

Identifier: Film Collection no. 292
Content Description

The collection includes films and tapes recording of the Wings over the Andes lecture which documents the 1931 Shippee-Johnson Expedition. The collection also includes outtakes of Wings over the Andes, film of a visit by the Prince of Wales to Peru in 1931, and Shippee family films. Consists of one master print made from five original nitrate films and 21 reels of outtakes, family films and royal visits.

Dates: 1931 - 1999

Silkworms ; Constellations

Identifier: Film Collection no. 102
Scope and Contents SEGMENT 1: Silkworms. The complete cycle of the silkworm, from birth to death, is discussed by Mont Adelbert Cazier, chairman of the AMNH Department of Insects and Spiders, who also narrates the Italian documentary that shows the silk-spinning process. SEGMENT 2: Constellations. Catharine E. Barry, assistant astronomer at the American MuseumHayden Planetarium, presents the second segment, which is primarily geared for young children. She speaks about the mythology of the heavens, recounting...
Dates: 1955

Silver lightning

Identifier: Film Collection no. 264
Scope and Contents

This film shows Atlantic salmon fishing in Blue Water Bay in Canada, especially from prams (small, lightweight, nearly flatbottomed boats that have a very broad transom (or stern) and usually a squared off bow). The flies used for fishing are shown, Silver Doctor and Lady Amherst among them.

Dates: 1952

Simba, king of beasts : a saga of the African veldt

Identifier: Film Collection no. 276
Scope and Contents Filmed during the AMNH Martin Johnson African Expedition, 1924-1928. The museum holds five different versions of this American classic film Simba, King of Beasts: A Saga of the African Veldt. They vary in length, have black-and-white or tinted stock, are silent or with musical sound-track, and may have a talking prologue. The version discussed here begins with elegantly dressed Martin and Osa Johnson extolling the marvels of modern technology: talking pictures. A classic coat-of-arms...
Dates: c1928

Slow-motion time ; Genetics

Identifier: Film Collection no. 83
Scope and Contents SEGMENT 1: Slow-Motion Time. Both high-speed and slow-motion photography may be used to show details that are not necessarily seen by the human eye. Film material is presented that shows slowmotion images of a fly, a hummingbird, liquids, and an airplane explosion and demonstrates the diversified uses of this photographic technique. For example, the airline whose plane crashed may be able to determine the cause by viewing slow-motion images of the accident. The films were produced by the...
Dates: 1954

Snake cults

Identifier: Film Collection no. 138
Scope and Contents

This program is a repeat of the broadcast from March 4, 1956 on snake cults and worship of snakes.

Dates: 1956

Snake superstitions ; Below the sahara

Identifier: Film Collection no. 26
Scope and Contents SEGMENT 1: Snake Superstitions. Ancient fears and superstitions held by mankind about snakes are the topics of discussion for the first segment of this Adventure program. Charles M. Bogert, herpetologist and chairman of the Department of Amphibians and Reptiles at the AMNH, presents an experiment with rattlesnakes to determine how sensitive they are to heat. The snakes are blindfolded and balloons filled with hot or cold water are passed above their heads. The snakes strike the hot balloons,...
Dates: 1953

Snakes and snake cults

Identifier: Film Collection no. 129
Scope and Contents Snake cults are the subject of this program which was a live remote broadcast from Bill Haas's serpentarium in Kendall, Florida. Haas maintained at that time the world's largest collection of snakes, including 150 cobras. Haas is seen milking a king cobra. Various snake cults in the United States, West Africa, and Burma are discussed. Film sequences include a Hopi snake dance (Avalon Dagett production), snake material from Sorcerer's Village by Hassoldt Davis (shown on Dec. 26 1954) and a...
Dates: 1956

Solar and lunar eclipses

Identifier: Film Collection no. 59
Scope and Contents

Charles Collingwood interviews Joseph M. Chamberlain, astronomer at the AMNH-Hayden Planetarium, on solar and lunar eclipses. The program includes a demonstration in the studio, using models, and Origin of the Earth, a Harvard University film on solar explosions and eclipses narrated by Chamberlain. (An eclipse of the sun was to occur June 30, 1954).

Dates: 1954