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Film Collection

Subject Source: Local sources
Scope Note: Distinguishes audiovisual material in the Library that are part of the 1987 Cataloged Film Collection created under the direction of Nina Root.

Found in 274 Collections and/or Records:

The Chisena of Mozambique

Identifier: Film Collection no. 155
Scope and Contents The film begins with narration and maps depicting the early exploration of Mozambique and dwelling particularly on the arrival of the Portuguese. The capital city of Lourenȯ Marques (now Maputo) is recorded with footage showing its harbor, architecture, and native market. The next sequence of the film illustrates the contrasting elements of the city of Beira and the capital. The filmmakers proceed into the interior of Mozambique, crossing the Chengane River by barge on their way to the...
Dates: 1960

The Congo Peacock Expedition

Identifier: Film Collection no. 157
Scope and Contents Filmed during the AMNH Congo Peacock Expedition to Zaire, 1937. In 1913 James Paul Chapin, AMNH ornithologist and expert on birds of the Belgian Congo (now Zaire), found an unusual feather that he could not identify on a Congo headdress. Twenty-four years later a mounted bird from the Belgian Congo in the Congo Museum (i.e. Musě du Congo Belge) in Tervueren, Belgium, caught his eye because of the similarity between the specimen's feather and the feather he had found earlier. A desire to...
Dates: 1937

The Day Roraima Expedition

Identifier: Film Collection no. 170
Scope and Contents Filmed during the AMNH Day Roraima Expedition to Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana, 1927. George Henry Hamilton Tate, AMNH associate in mammalogy, his brother Geoffrey Tate, and T. Donald Carter, AMNH assistant curator of mammalogy, headed this expedition, the object of which was to bring a list of the region's flora and fauna as near to completion as possible. Lee Garnett Day, sponsor of the expedition, was an AMNH patron. Tate's expedition joined up with that of General Cńdido Mariano da Silva...
Dates: 1927

The Ellsworth Antarctic Expedition

Identifier: Film Collection no. 186
Scope and Contents Filmed during two Ellsworth Antarctic expeditions, 1933 and 1934. Lincoln Ellsworth, AMNH trustee, made two unsuccessful attempts to cross Antarctica by plane in 1933 and 1934 before succeeding finally in 1935. This footage, which unfortunately documents only his first two attempts, is nonetheless valuable for its views of the Antarctic landscape and the expedition itself, including Ellsworth's ship, the Wyatt Earp, and his plane, the Polar Star. On November 9, 1933, Ellsworth's expedition...
Dates: 1933-1934

The first anniversary show

Identifier: Film Collection no. 70
Scope and Contents The first anniversary celebration of the Adventure series brought participation of more than twenty scientists from the American Museum of Natural History. Taken from kinescopes, the program rebroadcasts highlights of programs aired during the series' first year. Listed below are the dates, subject matter and scientists involved in the segments. 12/13/53 Annapurna: Maurice Herzog. 2/14/54 Origin of the Earth: Harvard University film. 12/20/53 History of Life #2: Catharine E. Barry, Thomas...
Dates: 1954

The forests

Identifier: Film Collection no. 236
Scope and Contents Filmed during the Pack-Finley Expedition to the Pacific Northwest, 1927. North American forests and the ecology of the beaver are featured in this film. In the first sequence, the life of a redwood forest is depicted through the eyes of two flickers (woodpeckers), who are shown feeding on insects in a tree stump. Footage of a logging operation is shown; trees are felled, and logs are removed by cranes to a mill station. This sequence ends dramatically with footage of a forest fire and the...
Dates: 1927

The Gilliard Sepik Expedition

Identifier: Film Collection no. 188
Scope and Contents Filmed during the AMNH-National Geographic Society Gilliard Sepik Expedition to Papua New Guinea, 1953-1954. Ernest Thomas Gilliard, AMNH ornithologist, and his wife Margaret went to Papua New Guinea in 1953- 1954 to study the birds of paradise of the Sepik River region and the headwaters in the valley between the Victor Emanuel and Hindenburg Mountain ranges. He made this film as he traveled but the narration, which he originally gave as a lecture to accompany the film, was added later. The...
Dates: 1953-1954

The golden age of whaling

Identifier: Film Collection no. 144
Scope and Contents The last voyage of the Charles Morgan, an old whaling ship out of Mystic, Connecticut, is the topic of discussion for the program. Edouard Stackpole, curator of the Mystic Seaport Whaling Museum, traces the ship's final journey in 1921 to the south seas where viewers see sailors facing tropical storms and a frightening "Nantucket sleighride" on a whale that is eventually harpooned. The program reviews the history of whaling in America and the importance of the industry in the eighteenth and...
Dates: 1956

The great bear of Alaska

Identifier: Film Collection no. 238
Scope and Contents

Filmed during the Finley-Church Expedition to the Northland, 1926. This film was taken during the Finley-Church Expedition to the Northland in 1926. The film opens with footage of William L. Finley and Arthur N. Pack at a cabin. Scenes of Campbell Church's yacht Westward follow. Deer and several other animals are shown, although most of the footage is devoted to brown bears fishing for salmon. There are many examples of both success and failure at this activity.

Dates: 1926

The great country

Identifier: Film Collection no. 259
Scope and Contents There are three themes played out simultaneously in this film. The least of these is an aerial journey down the Alaskan Peninsula showing the magnificent topography of the region. Edgar Monsanto Queeny's plane leaves Juneau, travels across the Gulf of Alaska, passing Kodiak Island and Kamishak Bay, toward the crater lake atop Mount Katmai. There is also extensive footage of brown bears fishing for salmon in the McNeil River, and of the Walrus Islands. It is the extraordinary journey of the...
Dates: 1958