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Film Collection

Subject Source: Local sources
Scope Note: Distinguishes audiovisual material in the Library that are part of the 1987 Cataloged Film Collection created under the direction of Nina Root.

Found in 274 Collections and/or Records:

Wild animal outposts

Identifier: Film Collection no. 247
Scope and Contents Filmed during the Finley-Church Expedition to the Northland, 1926. This film was taken during the 1926 Finley-Church Expedition to the Northland, on the Kenai Peninsula and the Bering Sea. Deer are seen swimming across the river, and canoes are shown navigating the same waters. Footage of rabbits, porcupine, rock ptarmigan, and blue fox is seen. Most of the film, however, is devoted to two bear cubs, who are featured in other Nature Magazine films. This sequence of the film takes place on...
Dates: 1926

Wild birds and man ; Male fish incubation ; Bullfighting

Identifier: Film Collection no. 73
Scope and Contents SEGMENT 1: Wild Birds and Man. Robert Cushman Murphy, AMNH ornithologist, discusses the useful relationships between wild birds and men, as illustrated by the honeyguide bird used by the Wandorobo (i.e. Dorobo) to track down wild beehives in the east African forest. Portions of Edgar Monsanto Queeny's film, Wandorobo, are shown, in which the birds are seen locating and guiding hunters to the hive. They are rewarded with the honey, wax, and grubs left behind after the Wandorobo have opened...
Dates: 1954

Wings to the south

Identifier: Film Collection no. 248
Scope and Contents This film, taken on the coast of Texas, is primarily comprised of footage of birds. Establishing shots of a harbor, boats, and fishermen open the film. A great variety of Texas shore birds are shown in this segment of the film: laughing gulls, black skimmers, spoonbills, royal terns, Inca doves, caracara, heron, reddish egrets, white egrets, and brown pelicans. Eggs, nests, and chicks of several of these species are featured. A box turtle and a desert tortoise are filmed eating. An armadillo...
Dates: [192-?]

Young wild animals ; Antibiotics ; Whaling industry

Identifier: Film Collection no. 75
Scope and Contents SEGMENT 1: Young Wild Animals. In a take-off on Edward R. Murrow's "Person to Person" program, Charles Collingwood, narrator of the Adventure series, "interviews" a young bear and shows films of bears interacting with a fox, skunk, raccoon, porcupine, otters, and other animals in upstate New York. SEGMENT 2: Antibiotics. In a remote broadcast from the largest manufacturer of antibiotics in the world, Pfizer and Company in Brooklyn, Jasper King, vice-president in charge of research, allows...
Dates: 1954