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Film Collection

Subject Source: Local sources
Scope Note: Distinguishes audiovisual material in the Library that are part of the 1987 Cataloged Film Collection created under the direction of Nina Root.

Found in 274 Collections and/or Records:

Nyimsao and Kheseto

Identifier: Film Collection no. 165
Scope and Contents Charles Suydam Cutting made this film while traveling through the Naga Hills of Assam in northeast India with a punitive expedition conducted by the British Naga district commissioner to curtail headhunting. Ethnographic footage of the Naga peoples is overlaid on a light fictional story about two men, Nyimsao and Kheseto. The story begins with Nyimsao entering a Sema Naga village, where he takes a nap. While Nyimsao sleeps, a Lhota Naga refugee steals his belongings. When Nyimsao awakens and...
Dates: [1930]

Oceanic conquest

Identifier: Film Collection no. 204
Scope and Contents Filmed during the AMNH Michael Lerner Peru-Chile Expedition, 1940. Oceanic Conquest is the film record of the AMNH Michael Lerner Peru-Chile Expedition of 1940. The purpose of the expedition was to continue the research Lerner had been conducting on four previous expeditions, namely, to survey and study the habits of swordfish and marlin in the earth's oceans. Those who joined Lerner and his wife, Helen, on the expedition were AMNH ichthyologist Francesca La Monte, captains William Hatch and...
Dates: 1940

Off to Glacier Bay

Identifier: Film Collection no. 240
Scope and Contents Filmed during the Finley-Church Expedition to the Northland, 1926. This film was taken during the 1926 Finley-Church Expedition to the Northland. Church's yacht, the Westward, is seen cruising off the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, with beautiful snow-capped mountains in the background. The first sequence features grizzly bears as they fish for salmon. Footage follows of two black bear cubs, also seen in other Nature Magazine films, playing. They wrestle, play with a camera and a typewriter, and...
Dates: 1926

Oil digging in Purcell, Oklahoma

Identifier: Film Collection no. 114
Scope and Contents Robert Northshield, producer of the Adventure series, joins engineers of the Carter Oil Company (a subsidiary of Standard Oil of New Jersey) in staking out a claim-site and starting drilling in Purcell, Oklahoma. The first show in a series on geology and oil, regular host Charles Collingwood is assisted by Norman Dennis Newell, from the AMNH Department of Geology. Film sequences illustrate oil rigs, drilling and dynamiting techniques, the use of derricks, and include an animated film on oil....
Dates: 1955

Origins of races, Australian aborigines

Identifier: Film Collection no. 81
Scope and Contents This broadcast traces the origins of the world's races, with special emphasis on the Australian aborigines. The show opens with the John Butler dancers enacting the spread of races by traversing a giant map of the world, wearing Caucasian, black and Mongolian masks. Allen Keast, curator at the Australian Museum in Sydney and a visiting scholar at Harvard University, was a special guest on the show. An excellent film on contemporary Australian aborigines, also known as Australian Bushmen,...
Dates: 1954

Our moon and other moons ; Invertebrates

Identifier: Film Collection no. 30
Scope and Contents In Our moon and other moons, the earth's moon and other satellites in space are discussed by Joseph M. Chamberlain, Catherine E. Barry and Frank H. Forrester, astronomers at the AMNH-Hayden Planetarium. The instruments used to study the solar system are presented, the short film Moons of Saturn is shown, and Copernican theory is discussed. (The first space probe to the moon was landed by the Soviet Union in September 1959 and the first man stepped on the moon on July 20, 1969.) In...
Dates: 1953


Identifier: Film Collection no. 251
Scope and Contents Filmed during the AMNH Parícutin Expeditions, 1943 and 1944. An active volcano, in the state of Michoacan, Mexico, was filmed at night and during the day with long-shots and close-ups, recording lava flowing down the mountain, incandescent bombs of hot rock shooting up from the crater, fumaroles (gas vents) and smoke, explosions, vapor clouds, molten rock, and tons of ash being blown skyward and over the surrounding villages, burying buildings. The Tarasco people, of the nearby towns of...
Dates: 1943-1944

People and dances of Oceania

Identifier: Film Collection no. 159
Scope and Contents Partly filmed during the Templeton Crocker Expedition to the Solomon Islands, 1933. The film opens with the dances of Bora Bora, Society Islands, and then goes on to Aitutaki in the Cook Islands, where a spear dance and stilt dance (imitating a wading bird) are demonstrated. In American Samoa the knife dance and the siva-siva are shown; and in British Samoa (i.e. Western Samoa) the ax dance and the mauluulu (similar to the siva-siva) are performed. The kava ceremony is enacted for Crocker:...
Dates: 1931-1933

Peru to Ecuador

Identifier: Film Collection no. 205
Scope and Contents Filmed during the AMNH Michael Lerner Expedition to Peru and Ecuador, 1941. The AMNH Michael Lerner Expedition to Peru and Ecuador (also known as the Big Game Fish Expedition or the Sixth Michael Lerner Expedition) in 1941 was Lerner's second trip to South America for the purpose of gathering data on game fish. This trip was filmed by Henry Cushier Raven, AMNH curator of human and comparative anatomy, whose main function was to do anatomical studies on the game fish caught by the Lerners....
Dates: 1941

Planets ; Oil well #2

Identifier: Film Collection no. 115
Scope and Contents SEGMENT 1: Planets. The program begins with a presentation of Professor Melies's 1902 film Le Voyage dans la Lune. This classic French film depicted an imaginary voyage to the moon. Joseph M. Chamberlain, chief astronomer at the AMNH-Hayden Planetarium, is interviewed about projected space travel and man's concept of the universe. A discussion follows, about what planets really look like and whether any of them are capable of supporting life. A Hayden Planetarium film on a trip through space...
Dates: 1955