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Film Collection

Subject Source: Local sources
Scope Note: Distinguishes audiovisual material in the Library that are part of the 1987 Cataloged Film Collection created under the direction of Nina Root.

Found in 292 Collections and/or Records:

Fish behavior

Identifier: Film Collection no. 89
Scope and Contents This remote broadcast from Gilgo Beach, Long Island, N.Y., is a discussion of fish behavior introduced by Eugenie Clark, research associate in the AMNH Department of Animal Behavior. The pros and cons of laboratory research versus field research are examined. A film of fish courtship behavior and fertilization is shown featuring acara and angel fish. Some unusual underwater camera shots illustrate the subject for this broadcast. Also shown is a film made by Jacques-Yves Cousteau, renowned...
Dates: 1955

Fishermen of Lake Patzcuaro

Identifier: Film Collection no. 187
Scope and Contents

Filmed during the AMNH Educational Expedition to Mexico, 1940. In this film, made by Grace Fisher Ramsey of the Museum's Department of Education, the Tarasco Indians weave nets by their homes, near Lake Patzcuaro, Mexico They catch whitefish, abundant in Lake Patzcuaro, with both seine nets and poles, and take it to the market at the village of Patzcuaro. On Urunden Miralis Island, men fish with large butterfly and hand nets. Also pictured are methods of cleaning and drying the fish.

Dates: 1940

Follow the sun

Identifier: Film Collection no. 9
Scope and Contents In an effort to promote tourism to the Great Barrier Reef, the Australian government produced this film. Atolls, Keppel and Duke Islands, beaches, and tourists sailing, waterskiing, fishing, swimming, and shelling introduce this vast reef along the coast of Queensland to the viewer. The wide variety of aquatic animals and plants shown include a cormorant rookery, newly hatched turtles scurrying to the sea, skimmers on shore, and underwater footage of puffers, rays, angelfish, sea horses, and...
Dates: between 1920 and 1939

Frontiers of a forbidden land

Identifier: Film Collection no. 151
Scope and Contents Filmed during the AMNH First Asiatic Zoological Expedition to Yunnan and Fukien, China, 1916-1917. This is the record of the AMNH First Asiatic Zoological Expedition to eastern and southwestern China (Fukien and Yunnan provinces), the purpose of which was to collect zoological specimens and visual ethnographic records. Roy Chapman Andrews, was accompanied by his wife, Yvette Borup Andrews, who served as photographer, and Edmund Heller, collector and explorer, who served as specimen...
Dates: 1916-1917

Getting our goat

Identifier: Film Collection no. 237
Scope and Contents Filmed during the Finley-Church Expedition to the Northland, 1926. This film was taken in the mountains of British Columbia, and concentrates on the arduous task of filming the North American mountain goat. The film opens with footage of various small animals: chipmunks, ground squirrels, coneys, and Franklin's grouse (fool-hens). In the next sequence, attempts are made by the filmmakers to capture the mountain goat on film. Determined to succeed, the expedition moves higher up and deeper...
Dates: 1926

Glimpses of Australian natural history

Identifier: Film Collection no. 203
Scope and Contents Filmed during the AMNH Lerner Australia-New Zealand Expedition, 1939. Michael Lerner hired professional cinematographer James Barnes Shackelford to join him on an expedition to Australia arranged for the purpose of collecting zoological specimens for a proposed Australia-New Zealand hall at the museum. The film opens in Sidney Harbor with the arrival of the oceanliner carrying the expedition staff, which also included AMNH scientists William King Gregory, Henry Cushier Raven, and M. G. Miles...
Dates: 1939

Glimpses of Hispaniola

Identifier: Film Collection no. 189
Scope and Contents Santo Domingo, 1929-1930. The Angelo Heilprin Expedition to Santo Domingo was conducted under the auspices of the museum's Department of Herpetology and Experimental Biology. Its purpose was to collect and "fix" reptiles and amphibians in the field. The fixation process entails injecting a specimen with a paraffin solution that replaces the organism's water. Specimens prepared this way can be placed on exhibition with very little further treatment. This process was used in the field for the...
Dates: 1929-1930

Glimpses of South Australia

Identifier: Film Collection no. 10
Scope and Contents This introduction to Adelaide, South Australia, and its environs was produced by the Australian government to entice travelers to the area. The film begins with a survey of this beautiful modern city including government buildings, wide boulevards, war memorials, the North Terrace (a cultural center with a museum, a college and a conservatory of music), a railroad station, churches, parks and botanical gardens. View of the surrounding areas follows: landscapes of hilly terrain, waterfalls,...
Dates: between 1920 and 1939

The golden fleece

Identifier: Film Collection no. 11
Scope and Contents When the Australian government made this promotional film, Australia's sheep industry was supplying 25% of the world's wool. The activities on a large sheep ranch are presented in detail: merino sheep, herded in from the grazing land, are moved in single file into large dipping vats containing a chemical solution to kill parasites, and oral medication is administered with a squirt gun. At shearing time, the sheep are taken to a shed, where shearers using electric clippers shear 120 to 150...
Dates: between 1920 and 1939

Gorillas and apes

Identifier: Film Collection no. 122
Scope and Contents The program on gorillas and other apes begins with a film entitled Gorilla Bill, which is about Bill Said's methods of capturing a gorilla (shown previously on March 27, 1955). After this film material is presented, a remote broadcast from the Bronx Zoo (i.e. New York Zoological Park) features Charles Collingwood interviewing Richard Mandel, curator of mammals, about the lives of gorillas and other apes in the wild and in captivity. Chimpanzees perform tricks as Mandel discusses their...
Dates: 1956