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J. Stuart Rowley collection

Identifier: Archives Orn93
Scope and Contents

List of birds, correspondence, map of localities

Dates: 1960s

J. Stuart Rowley Mexican bird collections

Identifier: Archives Orn90
Scope and Contents

Contains correspondence and notes.

Dates: 1961-1967

J. T. Nichols collection

Identifier: Archives Orn76
Scope and Contents

Bibliography, photocopied journals (volumes 1 through 28)

Dates: 1904-1958

James C. Greenway, Jr. collection

Identifier: Archives Orn127
Scope and Contents

Card files on endangered species and extinct species, correspondence and clippings relating to card files, AMNH type specimens for land birds - New World and land birds - Old World and water birds - New and Old World

Dates: 1940s-1960s

James P. Chapin African bibliography

Identifier: Archives Orn14
Scope and Contents

Files on James Paul Chapin's bibliography on Africa. Titles referenced in the files are from the 18th through 20th centuries.

Dates: 1930s-1950s

James P. Chapin collection

Identifier: Archives Orn47
Scope and Contents

Collection of Christmas cards from and to James Paul Chapin, watercolors, drawings, "colophons" (referenced as colophons but are actually hand drawn illustrations and considered a device), bookplates, cartoons, envelopes with Chapin illustrations. Subject matter mostly birds, also images of fish, amphibians, reptiles, mammals and plants. Includes watercolors done by Chapin for the American Museum Congo Expedition (1909-1915).

Dates: 1900 -1960s, undated

James P. Chapin collection

Identifier: Archives Orn221
Scope and Contents James Chapin's personal and professional correspondence, expedition records including field notes and catalogs, photographs, negatives and personal diaries (1918-1964). Includes collected newsclippings, "Birds of the Belgian Congo" Ph.D. thesis and published works, reel to reel tape recordings with transcriptions, address books, date books, lists of Congo birds, original manuscripts, published reviews, articles, talks, papers, notes. Also includes Biographical information, photographs and...
Dates: 1908-1964

James P. Chapin Congo bibliography

Identifier: Archives Orn15
Scope and Contents

This collection is comprised of James Paul Chapin's bibliography files on the Democratic Republic of Congo. One drawer contains files on books solely about Kivu, a region of the Congo. Titles referenced in the files are from the 20th century.

Dates: 1930s-1950s

James P. Chapin general file

Identifier: Archives Orn13
Scope and Contents

James Paul Chapin's file on various subjects, including birds, aviculture, fossils, botanicals, insects, spiders, and many more.

Dates: 1930s-1950s

James P. Chapin species file

 Collection — Container: Collection placeholder
Identifier: Archives Orn12
Scope and Contents James Paul Chapin's files on various bird species, contained in eleven file drawers. Drawer 1 is labeled "Ratites-Accipitridae (part)." Drawer 2 is labeled "Falconidae-Rallidae." Drawer 3 is labeled "Heliornithidae-Cuculidae (part)." Drawer 4 is labeled "Cuculidae (part)-Strigidae." Drawer 5 is labeled "Tytonidae-Eurylaemidae." Drawer 6 is labeled "Pittidae-Sylviidae (part)." Drawer 7 is labeled "Sylviidae (part)-Turdidae (part)." Drawer 8 is labeled "Turdidae (part)-Hirundinidae." Drawer 9...
Dates: circa 1930s-1950s

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Field notes 45
Birds -- Catalogs and collections 26
Scientific expeditions 13
Birds -- Pictorial works 7
Scientific expeditions -- South America 4
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American Museum of Natural History. Department of Ornithology 73
Chapin, James Paul, 1889-1964 12
American Museum of Natural History 8
Chapman, Frank M. (Frank Michler), 1864-1945 7
Mayr, Ernst, 1904-2005 7
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Murphy, Robert Cushman, 1887-1973 6
Cherrie, George Kruck, 1865-1946 4
Gilliard, E. Thomas (Ernest Thomas), 1912-1965 4
Jaques, Francis Lee, 1887-1969 4
Sanford, L. C. (Leonard Cutler), 1868-1950 4
Short, Lester L. 4
Correia, José G., 1881-1954 3
Fuertes, Louis Agassiz, 1874-1927 3
Miller, Leo E. (Leo Edward), 1887-1952 3
Roosevelt-Rondon Scientific Expedition (1913-1914) 3
Tate, G. H. H. (George Henry Hamilton), 1894-1953 3
Vernay, Arthur Stannard, 1877-1960 3
Amadon, Dean 2
Anthony, H. E. (Harold Elmer), 1890-1970 2
Archbold, Richard 2
Audubon, John James, 1785-1851 2
Beck, Rollo Howard, 1870-1950 2
Boyle, Howarth S. 2
Carter, T. Donald (Thomas Donald), 1893 2
Chapin-Edson Congo Expedition (1930-1931) 2
Chapman South American Expedition (1st : 1912-1913) 2
Collins-Day Expedition to South America (1915) 2
Dickerman, Robert William, 1926- 2
Dwight, Jonathan, 1858-1929 2
Greenewalt, Crawford H., 1902-1993 2
Lawrence, George N. (George Newbold), 1806-1895 2
Macmillan, Lindsay 2
Miller South American Expedition (1914-1915) 2
Naumburg, Elsie M. B. (Elsie Margaret Binger), 1880-1953 2
Partridge, William L. 2
Richardson, William B. 2
Rowley, J. Stuart 2
South American Ornithology Expedition (1912-1913) 2
Steere, Joseph Beal, 1842-1940 2
Templeton Crocker Pacific Expedition (1st : 1934-1935) 2
Trimm, H. Wayne 2
Whitney South Sea Expedition of the American Museum of Natural History (1920-1941) 2
Albatross Expedition (1911) 1
Allen, Arthur A. (Arthur Augustus), 1885-1964 1
Allen, J. A. (Joel Asaph), 1838-1921 1
American Museum Congo Expedition (1909-1915) 1
American Museum of Natural History Ornithological Expedition (1988) 1
Anderson, Sydney, 1927- 1
Andrew J. Stone Expedition (3rd : 1903) 1
Archbold Expeditions 1
Asaeda, Toshio 1
Ascension Island, 1941-1958 1
Askoy Expedition (1941-1945) 1
Audubon, Florence 1
Audubon, Maria R. (Maria Rebecca), 1843-1925 1
Australian Expedition (1st : 1921-1922) 1
Azores Expedition (1922) 1
Baasch, Kurt W. 1
Baron, O. T. 1
Bartlett-Norcross Expedition (1933) 1
Batty, J. H. (Joseph H.), 1847-1906 1
Beebe, William, 1877-1962 1
Birckhead, Hugh 1
Birdseye, Clarence, 1886-1956 1
Bock, Walter Joseph, 1933- 1
Boyd-Chapin Safari (1956-1957) 1
Brewster, William, 1851-1919 1
Brewster-Sanford Expedition of the American Museum of Natural History (1912-1917) 1
Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences 1
Brooks, Allan, 1869-1946 1
Brown, F. Martin (Frederick Martin), 1903-1993 1
Bryan, E. H. (Edwin Horace), 1898-1985 1
Buller, Kenneth G. 1
Buller, Walter Lawry, Sir, 1838-1906 1
Bulmer, Ralph, 1928-1988 1
Butler Expedition to Australia (1967) 1
Butler, H. (Harry) 1
Caldwell, Keith 1
Cane, Parker 1
Cane, W. Parker 1
Carnochan, Frederic Grosvenor, 1890-1952 1
Carriker Venezuelan Expedition (1909-1911) 1
Carter, Micheal F. 1
Chapman Colombian Expedition (1916) 1
Chapman Colombian Expedition of the American Museum of Natural History (1911-1912) 1
Chiappe, Luis M. 1
Choco Expedition (1937) 1
Chubb, Edith Day 1
Chubb, S. Harmsted (Samuel Harmsted), 1863-1949 1
Church & Dwight Co. 1
Contino, Francisco N. 1
Coultas, William F. 1
Crocker Land Expedition (1913-1917) 1
Crossin, Richard S. 1
Curtis, Charles Cutler 1
Darwin, Charles, 1809-1882 1
Day Roraima Expedition of the American Museum of Natural History (1927-1928) 1
Delacour, Jean, 1890-1985 1
Drowne, Frederick P. 1
DuMont, Philip A. (Philip Atkinson), 1903-1996 1
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