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Hall of Human Biology photographic slides of models and exhibits, 1992-1993.

Identifier: PSC 529, 620
Abstract Photographs of models and exhibits in the AMNH Hall of Human Biology. Mostly views from the hall of exhibit displays. Also includes Homo-Erectus and Australopithecus afarensis reconstruction. Images taken both in the gallery and in the studio.

Hall of Ocean Life and Hall of Biology of Fishes photographic slides, 1970-1998.

Identifier: PSC 24
Abstract Interior views of AMNH Hall of Ocean Life and Hall of Biology of Fishes. Includes exhibits such as the Dolphin Group, Fur Seal Group, Walrus, Pearl Divers Group, Blue Whale, and some slides from the Evolutionary Tree of Fishes exhibit.

Halls of Saurischian and Ornithischian Dinosaurs photographic slides, 1996.

Identifier: PSC 550
Abstract Views of the exhibitions in the AMNH Halls of Saurischian and Ornithischian Dinosaurs. Photographs of exhibit cases, dinosaur fossils and models. Also includes some images of staff cleaning the models.

Hayden Planetarium photographic material for exhibitions and Perkin Library, 1980-2001.

Identifier: DR-H 43
Abstract Slides for Measuring Time, Exploring Space exhibition and Perkin Library Slides concerning celestial objects. Includes black and white prints and paper documents.

IBM Kiosk Project photographic slides, 1995-1997.

Identifier: PSC 528
Abstract Photographs of various halls and exhibitions at the AMNH.

Inuit and Siberian artifacts photographic slides, 1978, undated.

Identifier: PSC 36
Abstract Slides of Inuit maps of Hudson Bay area collected by James Mutch, 1900-1905. The territory covered extends from west of Amadjuake, on the south side of Baffin Island east to Resolution Island and up the coast, Frobisher Bay, Cumberland Sound up to the vicinity of Cape Broughton. Maps and place names by Atchera tow ya, Eyew, Kugarlin, Kooky Emegen, Nicheling Amakjwak, Kookjwak, Etoo, E noo yak, En noo ya and Meliki. Also includes images of artifacts, sculptures and figures some of which are...

Leonardo's Codex (Codex Leicester) exhibition photographic slides

Identifier: PSC 556
Scope and Contents Views of the temporary exhibition Leonardo's Codex (Codex Leicester), held at the American Museum of Natural History, 1996-1997, Gallery 3. Includes displays and reading room.

Lila Acheson Wallace Wing of Mammals and Their Extinct Relatives photographic slides, circa 1990.

Identifier: PSC 32
Abstract Images of fossils and exhibits in the AMNH Lila Acheson Wallace Wing of Mammals and Their Extinct Relatives.

Nature of Diamonds exhibition photographic slides, 1997.

Identifier: PSC 549
Abstract Views of the temporary exhibition Nature of Diamonds, held at the American Museum of Natural History, held November 1, 1997-April 26, 1998. Images include exhibits, views of diamond in kimberlite, diamonds in matrix, diamond jewelry, diamonds from royalty, and other diamond artifacts and specimens. Also includes Diamondback turtle, rattler, and moth.

Nature of Diamonds photographic slides of merchandise

Identifier: PSC 613C
Scope and Contents Photographs of merchandise sold during the AMNH temporary exhibition, Nature of Diamonds. Includes various jewelry and wrapping paper.