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[Species notes, 3rd Archbold New Guinea Expedition] 1936-1939

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General Note

Mainly handwritten notes with some typed transcriptions and reproductions

Material has been arranged and separated into folders by species

Anisomys -- Canis -- Dactylonax -- Dasyurus -- Dendrolagus -- Dobsonia -- Dorcopsis -- Echymipera -- Emballonura -- Eptesicus -- Endromicia -- Halicore -- Hipposideros -- Hydromyinae -- Hydromys -- Hyomys -- Lorentzimys -- Mallomys -- Melomys -- Miniopterus -- Mus -- Myotis -- Nyctimene -- Peroryctes -- Petaurus -- Phalanger -- Phascogale -- Pipistrellus -- Pogonomys -- Pseudochirus -- Pseudohydromys -- Pteropus -- Rattus -- Rhinolophus -- Rhinonycteris -- Stenomys -- Sus -- Syconycteris -- Uromys

Species notes relating to the collecting activites during the 3rd Archbold New Guinea Expedition in 1938-1939. The notes have been arranged into separate folders for each species. Each folder contains collection notes for the species by date; many folders also contain narrative species notes and transcription. The folder 'Hydromyinae' also contains a number of catalog sheets for both this and the 2nd Archbold Expedition of 1936-1937, as well as research notes and a partial manuscript draft. Richardson acted as mammalogist for the 3rd Archbold Expedition to New Guinea

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Cataloged through a 2015 Leon Levy Foundation Archives grant

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