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Childs Frick Corporation



  • Existence: 1932 - 1965

General Context

The Childs Frick Corporation was created by Childs Frick as a non-profit around 1932.

The corporation was created with a goal of "the advancement of scientific knowledge through investigation, exploration, study, and research in the history of life and similar fields of natural science and the promotion of public interest therein by the dissemination of information relating thereto....". It was located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The corporation paid for the expeditions, salaries of some of the employees and for other expenses of the Frick Laboratory.

After Childs Frick's death in 1965, the assets of the corporation were transferred to the American Museum of Natural History together with the fossil collection. The assets were to be used to construct a new building to house the department of Vertebrate Paleontology and the fossil collections.

The building was completed in 1973 and called the Frick Building.