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Photographic Slide Collection

Subject Source: Local sources
Scope Note: Distinguishes collections in the Library that are part of the Photographic (Boxed) Slide Collection (PSC) data set.

Found in 527 Collections and/or Records:

S. Schwartz photographic slide collection, 1949-1950.

Identifier: PSC 433

Photographs of a Spanish woman in Portugal, a monument in Madrid, a post office in Madrid, and two close up images of flowers.

Dates: 1949-1950

S. Silberman photographic slide collection, 1958.

Identifier: PSC 440

Photographs of various animals including ducks, flamingos, iguanas, snakes, a cat and a horse. Also includes close up images of flowers, sunsets, and one photograph taken from a helicopter with a view of New York City.

Dates: 1958

Sacred Mountains of the World exhibition photographic slides, 1998.

Identifier: PSC 532

Views of the temporary exhibition Sacred Mountains of the World, held at the American Museum of Natural History, 1998, Akeley Gallery. Includes framed mounted photographs with some wall text.

Dates: 1998

Samuel Gottscho photographic slide collection of flowers

Identifier: PSC 241
Scope and Contents

Contains close views of flowers as well as plants and flowers in nature.

Dates: circa 1940s

Sarah Dietz slide photographic slide collection, 1960-1990.

Identifier: PSC 591-610
Abstract Photographs taken around the world to accompany Sarah Dietz's lectures. Rehoused in 20 boxes in its original order. 591. China. 592. South Africa, China, Burma. 593. Indonesia, Mongolia. 594. China. 595. Ethiopia, India #1. 596. India #2. 597. Fiji, New Zealand, Australia. 598. Australia. 599. Arizona, Galapagos, Russia, Tanzania, Ethiopia. 600. Italy, Solomon Islands, Great Barrier Reef. 601. Thailand, Central Asia, Japan. 602. India, Great Rivers, Vietnam. 603. Java, Iran. 604. Madagascar,...
Dates: 1960-1990

Saul L Buxbaum world travel photographic slides, circa 1960-1979.

Identifier: PSC 141-142

Travel photography aound the world. Images of monuments, buildings, markets, architecture, animals, gardens and natural landscapes. Places include England, Israel, Greece, Switzerland, Maine, Colorado, San Francisco, Alaska, Italy, Yugoslavia and New York.

Dates: circa 1960-1979

Scientists and Journalists exhibition photographic slides, 1996.

Identifier: PSC 611D

Views of the temporary exhibition, Scientists and Journalists, held at the American Museum of Natural History, 1996.

Dates: 1996

Search of Peking Man exhibition photographic slides, 1975-1976.

Identifier: PSC 81H

Slides of the temporary exhibition In Search of Peking Man, held at the American Museum of Natural History, 1975. Several views of the display case.

Dates: 1975-1976

Seminole Indian artifacts photographic slides, circa 1990-1991.

Identifier: PSC56

Seminole Indian artifact images taken by David M. Blackard. Artifacts include clothing, tools, utensils and accessories.

Dates: circa 1990-1991

Sharks! Fact and Fantasy exhibition photographic slides, 1994.

Identifier: PSC 85F

Views of the temporary exhibition Sharks! Fact and Fantasy, held at the American Museum of Natural History, 1994. Images include interactive displays and exhibits. Gallery 3.

Dates: 1984