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Photographic Slide Collection

Subject Source: Local sources
Scope Note: Distinguishes collections in the Library that are part of the Photographic (Boxed) Slide Collection (PSC) data set.

Found in 527 Collections and/or Records:

Photographic slides of travel in Europe and South America, 1953-1958.

Identifier: PSC 575

Travel photographs taken in France, England, Spain, Chile, and Argentina. Images of Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Madrid Fountain, Polesden Lacey Estate, as well as castles, villages, mountains, gardens, and landscapes.

Dates: 1953-1958

Photographic slides of travel in Guatemala and Antigua, 1941-1943.

Identifier: PSC 572

Travel photographs taken mostly in Guatemala and some in Antigua of everyday life, architecture, and landscapes.

Dates: 1941-1943

Photographic slides of travel in Israel, 1962.

Identifier: PSC 580

Travel photographs taken in Israel, possibly from a cruise.

Dates: 1962

Photographic slides of travel in Spain, undated.

Identifier: PSC 573

Travel photographs taken in Spain of landscapes and buildings.

Dates: undated

Photographic slides of volcanoes, 1979, undated.

Identifier: PSC 562

Photographs of volcanoes and weathered metamorphic rocks. Includes images of Paricutin volcano, molten lava, and an eruption.

Dates: 1979, undated

Photographic slides of world travel, circa 1940-1953.

Identifier: PSC 561

Travel photographs taken in various locations including Sri Lanka, Brooklyn Pier, Jersey City, Hoboken, New York City, Staten Island, Switzerland, Africa, Syria, South Seas, Rio Grande River, Mexico, Virgin Islands, and Japan, among others. Images of landscapes, piers, seascapes, ancient ruins, modern houses, and daily life.

Dates: circa 1940-1953

Picton and Mack photographic slides of African Textiles, 1979.

Identifier: PSC 581

Photographs of African textiles and textile weaving from the book African textiles: looms, weaving and design by John Picton and John Mack.

Dates: 1979

Planetary sciences photographic slides, circa 1960-1990s.

Identifier: PSC 45

Slides from old Hayden Planetarium including the Hall of the Sun exhibits, murals, art and Zeiss projector. Images of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, moon rocks and moon surface, sun spots, stars, constellations, eclipse, galaxy, nebulas. Total solar eclipse from February 16, 1980, taken at Voi, Kenya, Africa. Eclipse of the moon dated March 13, 1960. Jay Barbree Space Collection includes astronaut medallions, matches, boxes, patches. Many images of Planetarium sculpture (Michelle Doner).

Dates: circa 1960-1990s

Pow Wow Now exhibition photographic slides, 1996.

Identifier: PSC 98

Views from the temporary exhibition Pow Wow Now, held at the American Museum of Natural History, 1996. Includes displays, wall texts and multi-media exhibits.

Dates: 1996

Primates: The Jean Baulu Collection of Antique Prints exhibition photographic slides

Identifier: PSC 613A
Scope and Contents

Views of the temporary exhibition, Primates: The Jean Baulu Collection of Antique Prints, held at the American Museum of Natural History, January-February 1999, Library Gallery.

Dates: 1999