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Art Survey

Subject Source: Local sources
Scope Note: Distinguishes art works in the museum that were identified and described as part of an art survey, circa 2000.

Found in 939 Collections and/or Records:

Brook and Brown Trout / LR "Fred Everett"

Identifier: Art Survey No. 239
Scope and Contents

Underwater scene of fish. Frame: Bamboo, glazed, 21 1/2 x 18.

Dates: 1940

? Brown.

Identifier: Art Survey No. 949

Buceros bicornis / LR "JG Keulemans"

Identifier: Art Survey No. 130
Scope and Contents

Two birds facing each other in trees, black and white markings. Great Pied Hornbill - India - Watercolor for Elliot, D.G."A Monograph of the Bucerofidae or Family Hornbills" Privately published, 18 c. plate 6. Inscription: MC "1/3" on reverse "Hornbills - Gt. Pied/ Early draft of plate 6?/ Dichornos, bicornus/ bicornis."

Dates: circa 1881

Buceros hydrocorax / LR "JG Keulemans"

Identifier: Art Survey No. 135
Scope and Contents

Three birds: one male, two females - one female in nest in hollow tree, two other birds on branches. Inscription: LM "2/5" on reverse "Hornbills Plate 7/Rufous Hornbill - Philip/ hydrororax."

Dates: 1881

Buceros rhinoceros / LM "JG Keulemans"

Identifier: Art Survey No. 132
Scope and Contents

Three birds sitting on branches, sex? - blue-black bodies with white and black tails in jungle. Inscription: On reverse "Hornbills/ Early draft of Plate 4?/ Rhinoceros Hornbill."

Dates: undated