Brown, Barnum

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February 12, 1873 - February 5, 1963

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Barnum Brown (February 12, 1873 – February 5, 1963) was a distinguished curator at the American Museum of Natural History in the Department of Vertebrate Paleontology. A famous fossil hunter, known as "Father of the Dinosaurs", he collected numerous specimens on many scientific expeditions for the Museum. In addition to excavating the first discovered remains of Tyrannosaurus rex, Brown collected more than fossils. His contributions to the scientific collections in the Museum include mammals, birds and insects. In 1928, Brown uncovered arrowheads near Folsom, New Mexico, which established human habitiation on the North American continent back to 20,000 years.


    Library of Congress Name Authority File: n85146818
    American Museum of Natural History Annual Report for year 1962.
    Grapevine of the American Museum of Natural History. Vol. XX, No. 2, February 1963.



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