Boas, Franz 1858-1942

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July 9, 1858 - December 21, 1942

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Franz Boas is considered the "father of modern anthropology" for his pioneering work on race, culture, and language. Boas trained the first generation of professional American anthropologists including Ruth Benedict, Alfred L. Kroeber, Robert Lowie, Margaret Mead, and Edward Sapir. He organized the Jesup North Pacific Expedition as an ambitious comprehensive project on the cultures and history of the North Pacific region focused on the question of human migration from Asia across the Bering Strait. Between 1897 and 1903 Boas secured funding, fielded research teams, and over the next three decades, edited and supervised Expedition publications in addition to his other writing

Worked at the American Museum of Natural History in the Department of Anthropology.


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American Museum of Natural History
associated dates: 1895-1906
American Museum of Natural History. Department of Anthropology
associated dates: 1895-1906

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