Hayden Planetarium. Main Lobby

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1935 - 1997

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Permanent exhibition. Opened October 3, 1935 and closed January 5, 1997. Located on Floor 1, Section 18. The Main Lobby of the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History was located at the main entrance at 81st Street and Central Park West. It featured The Sun God Pursues the Moon Goddess Across the Sky, a mural painted by artist Charles Knight, as well as the Woman Meteorite, on view in the 1930s. The Woman is part of the Cape York Meteorite, and is now exhibited in the Arthur Ross Hall of Meteorites (1, 1939, p. 21; 2; 3). In 1955-1957, the Viking Rocket was exhibited at the main entrance (1, 1956, p. 44).

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    Information for the hall appears in the following Museum publications:
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AMNH: Floor 1, Section 18.

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Hayden Planetarium
The Main Lobby was located in the Hayden Planetarium.

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