Hayden Planetarium. Hall of the Sun

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1935 - 1971

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Permanent exhibition. Opened October 3, 1935 and closed 1971. Located on Floor 1, Section 18. The Hayden Planetarium's Hall of the Sun or Copernican Room featured models of our solar system's planets, which mimicked their axes and revolutions around the sun at proper relative speeds. On the blue walls surrounding the chamber were depictions of zodiac constellations showing principal stars and mythological figures. The floor featured a replica of the Aztec Calendar Stone, a cast of which has been exhibited in the Hall of Mexico and Central America. The corridor surrounding the Hall of the Sun included photographic transparencies of astronomical subjects and a collection of meteorites (1, 1935, p. 7-8). The hall also served as visitors' introduction to the Sky Theater. It closed in June 1971 and was replaced by the Guggenheim Space Theater (1, 1970, p. 20).

Additional location information: Northeast Court. Section 1-P indicated in AMNH General Guides for 1953, 1956, and 1958.

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AMNH: Floor 1, Section 18.

Related Corporate, Personal, and Family Names

Foscato, Victor
Artist, created the calendar stone replica on the floor of the hall (2, 1939, p. 22).
Hayden Planetarium
The Hall of the Sun was a part of the exhibition space in the Hayden Planetarium .
Hayden Planetarium. Guggenheim Space Theater.
The Guggenheim Space Theater replaced the Hall of the Sun.

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