Vernay Angola Expedition (1925)

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To collect mammals and birds, and some fish

Personnel: Vernay, Arthur S., leader; Boulton, Rudyerd, sci. (Ornithology); Lang, Herbert, sci. (Mammalogy)

Department: Depts. Of Birds and Mammalogy

Sponsors: Vernay, Arthur; Depts. of Birds and Mammals

Sources: AR, No. 57, 1925, p. 56, 62; NH, XXV, 2, March-April, 1925, p. 206; XXV, 5, Sept-Oct, 1925, p. 497; XXV, 6, Nov-Dec., 1925, pp. 623-624; XXVI, May-June, 1926, p. 334; XXVI, Nov. - Dec., 1926, p. 656 "Three New Minnows of the Genus Barbus, and a New Characin from the Vernay Angola Expedition." AMNH Novitates #264, April 5, 1927


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