Brewster-Sanford Expedition of the American Museum of Natural History (1912-1917)

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1912 - 1917

Biographical or Historical Note

To collect oceanic and shore birds

Personnel: Sanford, Leonard C., leader; Beck, Rollo H., leader

Sponsors: Brewster, Frederick, F

Sources: AMNH Annual Report No. 44, 1912, p. 18; No, 45 or the year 1913, p. No. 46, 1914, p. 26, No. 47, 1915, p. 70; AMJ, #XIII, Oct. 2013, p. 285; AMJ,#XVII, Oct. 1917, P.419; XVIII, 1, Jan., 1918, pp. 5-24 and Feb, pp.111-120. Murphy, R.C., "Oceanic Birds of South America", New York, AMNH, 1936


    Murphy, R. C. (n.d.). Oceanic birds of South America; a study of species of the related coasts and seas, including the American quadrant of Antarctic, based upon the Brewster-Sanford collection in the American Museum of Natural History. New York: Macmillan.
    American Museum of Natural History. Annual Reports. New York: American Museum of Natural History, 1912

Related Corporate, Personal, and Family Names

associated dates: 1912-1917

Ship used for part of the expedition (1).
associated dates: 1914

Ship used for part of the expedition (1).
"S.S. Guayana"
associated dates: 1917

Ship used for part of the expedition (1).
"S.S. Oronsa"
associated dates: 1916

Ship used for part of the expedition (1).
American Museum of Natural History
associated dates: 1912-1917

Beck, Ida
associated dates: 1912-1917

Ida Beck was the wife of Rollo Beck and worked on the expedition as his assistant. amnhp_1002444
Beck, Rollo H.
associated dates: 1912-1917

Leader of the expedition. amnhp_1000142
Brewster, Frederick F.
associated dates: 1912-1917

Financial Supporter (2). amnhp_1000261
Captain Grande
associated dates: 1915

Owner of Bertrand Island. Hosted the Becks while they were there and accompanied Mr. Beck on two of his trips to Fuegia. (1)
Murphy, Robert C.
associated dates: 1912-1917

Scientific researcher in New York. amnhp_1001493
Sanford, Leonard C.
associated dates: 1912-1917

Coordinator from the AMNH (2). amnhp_1001837

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