Andrew J. Stone Expedition (1st : 1901); Andrew J. Stone Expedition (2nd : 1902); Andrew J. Stone Expedition (3rd : 1903)

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1901 - 1904

Biographical or Historical Note

To collect mammals and birds

Personnel: Stone, Andrew J., leader, Figgins, J.D., Mehner, A. H. , Anderson, R. M., Browne, B., Mr. Maynard (of Seattle)

Department: Department of Mammals and .Ornithology

Sponsors: Madison Grant, Esq., and other Museum friends

Sources: AMNH Annual Report No. 33, 1902, p. 18; AMNH Annual Report No. 35, 1904, p. 15; AMNH Annual Report No. 36, 1905, p. 16; Stone, Andrew J. "Hunting the Great Alaskan Bear" Scribner's Magazine, Vol. 41, 1907, p. 205-209; AMNH Bulletin, v. 16, art. 19, Chapman, "List of Birds Collected in Alaska". "List of Mammals Collected in Alaska" (Allen). Report of the Andrew J. Stone Expedition for the year 1902, Special Collections microfilm #82, original in Mammalogy Dept. AMNH Bulletin, vol. XIII, article V, Stone, Some results of a natural history journey to northern British Columbia, Alaska, and the Northwest Territory

See also 1897-1899


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