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Mounted Photographs, 1836-1988, bulk: 1902-1955

Identifier: VPA 104


  • 1836-1988
  • Majority of material found within 1902-1955


Conditions Governing Access

This collection is housed in the Division of Paleontology. Please contact the collection manager for access; materials are sometimes restricted.


13 Linear Feet (31 Standard archival boxes)

Language of Materials



Mounted photos of specimens which have been filed according to Romer's Vertebrate Paleontology 3rd ed. A chart of the classification used is in the first drawer. The photos are identified by name and negative number, and also where applicable and known, the AMNH specimen number.

  1. Box 1 Amphibia to Chelonia
  2. Box 2 Chelonia to Crocodilia
  3. Box 3 Protosuchia to Eusuchia
  4. Box 4 Pterosauria to Sauropoda
  5. Box 5 Sauropoda to Ornithischia
  6. Box 6 Ornithischia to Protoceratops
  7. Box 7 Protoceratops to Pelycosauria
  8. Box 8 Therapsida to Pantotheria
  9. Box 9 Marsupialia to Lemuroidea
  10. Box 10 Lemuroidea to Hominoidea
  11. Box 11 Hominoidea to Canidae
  12. Box 12 Procyonidae to Periptychidae
  13. Box 13 Periptychidae to Pantodonta
  14. Box 14 Pantodonta to Proboscidea
  15. Box 15 Proboscidea to Elephantidae
  16. Box 16 Elephantidae to Hyracoidea
  17. Box 17 Hyracoidea to Equoidea
  18. Box 18 Equoidea
  19. Box 19 Equoidea to Brontotherioidea
  20. Box 20 Brontotherioidea to Rhinocerotoidea
  21. Box 21 Hyracodontidae to Anoplotheroidea
  22. Box 22 Merycoidodontoidea to Antilocapridae
  23. Box 23 Bovidae to Cingulata (Loricata)
  24. Box 24 Pilosa to Ichnology
  25. Box 25 Laboratory Methods to Fossils As Found in the Field, US & Canada
  26. Box 26 Fossils As Found in the Field, US & Canada (Florida to South Dakota)
  27. Box 27 Fossils As Found in the Field, US & Canada (South Dakota to Wyoming) to Crocodilia
  28. Box 28 Pterosauria to Bird Restorations (Archoeornis)
  29. Box 29 Diatryma to Perissodactyla
  30. Box 30 Perissodactyla to Charts
  31. Box 31 Murals to Misc. Photos


Melissa's note: Some images have glue residue on the back sides, and some images are folded over to fit in the filing cabinet. Labels can fall off of the tabs, but can be inserted back in or taped on. Occasional tears in the mounted board. Some chipped-away parts of photos, like on "Rhino Slab," in Cabinet A116, Drawer 2, where a portion of the photo is chipped off. Some spotting on photos.


Formerly VPA 55


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Part of the Vertebrate Paleontology Archives Repository

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New York NY 10024-5192