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Wortman Expedition to the Rocky Mountains (2nd : 1892)



  • Existence: February 1892 - October 1892

Historical Note

The department sent a second expedition into the Rocky Mountain region. J. L. Wortman and O. A. Peterson began their expedition in February, 1892. They first explored the Puerco beds of northwestern New Mexico, and after two months traveled north to Wyoming into the older Laramie beds and the Lower Eocene deposits, and in July they established a camp in South Dakota. The party was seven months in the field, and added altogether over one thousand specimens to the new collection of fossil mammals from the San Juan Basin in the western United States. (1, p. 11)

Expedition members: J. L. Wortman, O. A. Peterson, Thomas Raffierty, and J. W. Gidley


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