Wiley, Farida A. (Farida Anna)

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1887 - 1986

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Assistant Chairwoman

Farida Anna Wiley was a well-known naturalist and author. Wiley worked at the American Museum of Natural History for 36 years. She was Assistant Chairman of the Department of Public Instruction when she retired in 1955. Wiley began working at the museum in 1919 as a part-time teacher giving nature study classes for groups of blind children. In 1923 she became a full-time staff member and served as an instructor. In 1952 she was appointed Assistant Chairman of the Public Instruction Department and from 1953 she was also an associate in the museum's (then) Department of Conservation and General Ecology. For many seasons she served as an instructor in outdoor leadership training courses conducted by Ernest Thompson Seton for the Woodcraft League of America. She was also on staff of the Audubon Camp of Maine. Wiley was one of the founders of the John Burroughs Association in 1921. (source: AMNH Press Release, May 29, 1955)

Worked at the American Museum of Natural History.


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American Museum of Natural History
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