Bogoras, Waldemar 1865-1936

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1865 - May 12, 1936

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Ethnographer. Name also: Bogoraz, Vladimir G

Waldemar Bogoras, a populist revolutionary, would become the leading anthropologist of the early Soviet period. His ethnological interests developed during his exile to the Kolyma region of Siberia where he lived between 1887 and 1898. Around 1894, he joined the Russian Geographic Society's Siberyakov Expedition (1894-1898), working with Chukchi. Recruited to the Jesup North Pacific Expedition, Bogoras worked among the Chukchi, Even, Maritime Koryak, and Yupik. He also collected material from "Russified Natives" as examples of cultural borrowing and assimilation. His expedition publication, The Chukchi, is considered an ethnographic classic. After the Russian Revolution, he became director of the Institute of the Peoples of the North, an agency concerned with education an developmental work among the northern tribes of Siberia and published widely as both an ethnographer and novelist


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