Variations on a Theme -- Animal Designs (Exhibition)

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1945 June 16 - 1945 August 19

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Exhibition. Opened June 16, 1945 and closed August 19, 1945. Located in the New York State Memorial at the American Museum of Natural History. "Variations on a Theme - Animal Designs" illustrate the influence of animal forms in the creations of primitive and modern artists.


The influence of animal forms in the creations of primitive and modern artists was shown in the exhibition "Variations on a Theme - Animal Designs." The exhibition of useful objects, produced by primitive and modern craftsmen, showed how the creators adapted animal forms according to their purposes, materials and artistic conventions. There were ten cases on display depicting "Insects in Design", "Fish and Water Life in Design", "Birds in Design", "Familiar Animals in Design", "Horses and Donkeys in Design", "Animals of the Jungle and Veldt", "Animals in Primitive Design", American Indian Tribes usage of animal figures, and the use of large animal motifs in design. The exhibition, assembled by Katharine Beneker of the Department of Education, was on view in the Roosevelt Hall at the American Museum of Natural History from June 16 through August 19, 1945.

Individuals and institutions involved in the creation of the exhibition: Katharine Beneker; AMNH Department of Education.


    American Museum of Natural History Press Release, June 16, 1945. Departmental Records, 101; American Museum of Natural History Library Archives.


temporary exhibition

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New York State Roosevelt Memorial.
Location of exhibition.

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