Cerro de la Neblina Expedition (1984-1985)

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1984 February/March, November/December - 1985 June and July

Biographical or Historical Note

To make a biological inventory and compare specimens with those of neighboring tepuis

Personnel: Brewer, Charles (FDCFMN, Caracas); Nelson, Gareth; Ferraris, Carl J.; Rozero, Ramiro (Universidad Central de Venezuela); Cole, Charles J.; Zweifel, Richard; McDiarmid, Roy W.(U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service); Rozen, Jr., Jerome G.; Stupakoff, Ian; Coats, Sadie; Dickerman,Robert W, Myers, Charles, Roze, Janis

Department: Icthyology,Herpetology, Entomology, Ornithology

Sponsors: Fundacion para el Desarollo de las Ciencias Fisicas, Matematicas y Naturales (Caracas); the NSF and the William H. Phelps Fund

Other: William Phelps Foundation and the National Science Foundation

Sources: AR 115, 1983-84, p10 ff.; AR 116, 1984-85, p. 21; AR 117, 1985-86, p.21; Westchester County Press, Yonkers, N.Y., February 28, 1985



Southern Venezuela

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