Sonora-Sinaloa Archaeological Survey Project

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1937 - 1940

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The Sonora-Sinaloa Archaeological Survey (1937-1940) was conceived, designed and directed by George Valiant and lead by Gordon F. Ekholm. The project sought to fill the archaeological gap between the American Southwest and the northern Mesoamerican frontier covering the area from the international border to the Río Culiacan. Ekholm, accompanied by his wife Marguerite Wander, departed for Mexico in the fall of 1937. Over the course of three field seasons of six months each between 1937 and 1940, the project surveyed more than 175 sites between the Mexican states of Sonora and northern Sinaloa.


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    Library of Congress Name Authority File: n2018027112



Related Corporate, Personal, and Family Names

Ekholm, Gordon F.
Hired by George Vaillant as Special Field Assistant for the Sonora-Sinaloa Archaeological Project.
Harkness, Edward
Project Sponsor
Vaillant, George Clapp 1901-1945
Building on his own earlier expeditions to the region, Vaillant created and directed the project.

Related Resources

.E446, The Papers of Gordon F. Ekholm, 1909-1987, American Museum of Natural History, Division of Anthropology Archives.
Department of Anthropology Website: Ekholm Archaeological Project in Sonora, Mexico; catalog organized 1937-1940 of archeological material found in Sonora, Mexico by Gordon Ekholm.

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