Templeton Crocker Pacific Expedition (1st : 1934-1935)

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1934 - 1935

Biographical or Historical Note

To obtain materials for bird groups for Whitney Memorial Hall and collect anthropological data

Personnel: Chapin, James P., leader; Jaques, Francis L., sci.; Shapiro, Harry L., sci. (Pitcairn, Tahiti, Norfolk Islands)

Department: Departments of Ornithology and Anthropology, also Dept. of fishes

Sponsors: Crocker, Templeton; The Jesup Fund; The Whitney South Sea Expedition Fund; The Physical Anthropology Fund

Sources: AR, No. 66, 1934, p. 25; No. 67, 1935, p. 34; NH, XXXIV, 5, Sept, 1934, p. 497; XXXV, 2, Feb, 1935, p. 170; XXXV, 4, April, 1935, p. 352; XXXVI, November, 1935, pp. 293-310; XXXVII, April, 1936, pp. 286-308; XXXVII, May, 1936, pp. 31-60; XXXI, Jan. 1938, pp. 34-45 (Shapiro, "Pitcairn"); Crocker, Templeton, The Cruise of the Zaca, New York, Harper Pros., 1933


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