Peary Arctic Expedition (1896)

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1896 Summer

Biographical or Historical Note

To collect costumes and objects from Eskimo tribes and acquire meteorite "Ahnighito" which was unsuccessful.

Personnel: Peary, R.E., leader and "a party of scientists"

Department: Departments of Birds and Mammals, and Geology, Mineralogy etc., and Anthropology. Where did "party of scientists" come from? The Museum or maybe another institution?

Sponsors: Various: American Museum of Natural History (a Trusrtee provided the major amount), U.S Navy, the American Geographic Society, and sources in Philadelphia

Sources: AMNH Annual Report No. 28, 1896, p.23; Logbook on board S.S. Hope, and see also 1985, Peary


    Library of Congress Name Authority File: nr00031395



Written by: Iris Lee
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