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Subject Source: Local sources
Scope Note: To identify items in the Moving Image data set.

Found in 291 Collections and/or Records:

The Morden African Expedition

Identifier: Film Collection no. 223
Scope and Contents Filmed during the AMNH Morden African Expedition, 1953. The five reels of film taken during the Morden African Expedition of 1953 each represent one leg of the trip and is treated individually. In addition to co-leaders William James Morden and Irene Morden, collectors Walter Moesch and Lili Braun were also members of the expedition. Windhoek to Etosha Pan Etosha Pan is the largest salt pan in Africa and is located in South-West Africa (now Namibia) in the center of Etosha National Park, an...
Dates: 1953

The Morden African Expedition

Identifier: Film Collection no. 222
Scope and Contents Filmed during the AMNH Morden African Expedition, 1947. The purpose of the expedition was to collect artifacts to fill the gaps in the AMNH anthropology collection, and to study and film the Turkana people of northern Kenya. The six reels of film that comprise the expedition material are discussed individually. New York; Cape Town; Lodwar, Kenya The arrival in Cape Town, South Africa, of the freighter, Robin Luxford, from New York, signals the beginning of the expedition's journey through...
Dates: 1947

The Morden African Expedition

Identifier: Film Collection no. 221
Scope and Contents Filmed during the Morden Expedition to Africa and Asia, 1922-1924. When William James Morden decided to organize his 1922-1924 expedition to East Africa (Kenya, Uganda and the Sudan) he hired professional cinematographer Herford Tynes Cowling to accompany him and film the local people. The result is this film that captures an ethnographic cross-section of a small part of East Africa. Not all of the peoples depicted could be positively identified, despite extensive research and consultation...
Dates: 1922-1924

The Morden-Clark Asiatic Expedition

Identifier: Film Collection no. 225
Scope and Contents Filmed during the AMNH Morden-Clark Asiatic Expedition to Central Asia, 1926. Filmed by James Lippitt Clark, this is a record of one of two museum expeditions that were to rendezvous in Central Asia. Led by William James Morden, this was an expedition across the Himalayas and the Karakoram Mountain Range to a restricted territory in Russia, called the Pamirs, looking for specimens of Marco Polo's sheep (Ovis poli) and ibex. Morden and Clark crossed the Himalayas, encountering many hardships,...
Dates: 1926

The Morden-Graves North Asiatic Expedition

Identifier: Film Collection no. 226
Scope and Contents Filmed during the AMNH Morden-Graves North Asiatic Expedition to Soviet Central Asia and eastern Siberia, 1929. The second AMNH-sponsored expedition led by William James Morden journeyed to Soviet Central Asia and far eastern Siberia in search of saiga antelope and the long-haired Siberian tiger. Along with him were George Gilbert Goodwin, AMNH mammalogist, George Coe Graves II, whose father financed the expedition, and two Soviet guides, dispatched from the Soviet Academy of Science. The...
Dates: 1929

The pagan Sudan

Identifier: Film Collection no. 263
Scope and Contents Filmed during the AMNH Queeny African Expedition, 1950. The Pagan Sudan records Edgar Monsanto Queeny's expedition along the Nile River to Lake Nyibor in the Sudan, to study the Dinka people. As the film opens, the staff engages in typical expedition chores such as loading trucks and pitching camp. Along the Nile they witness the Madi people using harpoons to kill a hippopotamus trapped in a papyrus swamp. They then float the body out and butcher it to supply meat for the village. The main...
Dates: 1952

The penetration of the Bellingshausen Sea : Operation Deep Freeze

Identifier: Film Collection no. 252
Scope and Contents Filmed during the U.S. Antarctic Research Program's Expedition to the Bellingshausen Sea, 1960. Made by Robert Cushman Murphy and a U.S. Navy cameraman, the film is a record of the U.S. Antarctic Research Program's expedition to the Bellingshausen Sea in Antarctica. Two Navy icebreakers, the Glacier and the Burton Island, and their crews (nearly 600 men) penetrated the sea which had remained unexplored since its discovery in 1821. Murphy, an AMNH ornithologist, traveled on the Glacier under...
Dates: 1960

The Peruvian Eclipse Expedition

Identifier: Film Collection no. 253
Scope and Contents Filmed during the Hayden Planetarium-Grace Peruvian Eclipse Expedition, 1937. Charles H. Coles, head of the AMNH photographic department, was the official photographer and seized the opportunity to make this film on his own time. George Clyde Fisher, curator of astronomy at the AMNH-Hayden Planetarium, led the expedition. The film opens with a train traveling up the Peruvian Andes toward the summit camp and views of the Andes. The staff visits the Huancayo market where the natives sell...
Dates: 1937

The Peruvian hall

Identifier: Film Collection no. 254
Scope and Contents The AMNH Hall of Men of the Montaña was installed in 1951 and was supposed to be a temporary exhibition. Twenty-two years later it was dismantled, its success due in part to the innovative use of sound effects. In the old AMNH sound booth a technician explains the purpose of the two recordings used in the hall: one emits the sounds one would expect to hear on a rainy day and the other, the sounds heard on a dry day. In the hall an instructor discusses the various sounds with visiting...
Dates: 1951

The Puritan Expedition

Identifier: Film Collection no. 257
Scope and Contents Filmed during the Puritan-AMNH Expedition to western Mexico, 1957. Named for the schooner on which the AMNH staff members sailed, the Puritan Expedition's objective was the collection of specimens of the marine and terrestrial faunas of the islands in the vicinity of Baja California and the Tres Marias Islands. Among the members were William K. Emerson, AMNH malacologist and leader of the expedition, Richard George Van Gelder, AMNH mammalogist and photographer, Richard George Zweifel, AMNH...
Dates: 1957