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An African Safari

Identifier: Film Collection no. 3
Scope and Contents Filmed during the AMNH Central African Expedition, 1948. Starting at Cape Town and going round the southern tip of Africa up to Mombasa, Kenya, the AMNH Central African Expedition, led by AMNH director of preparation and installation James Lippitt Clark, then traveled through Nairobi, the Mountains of the Moon in the Ruwenzori Range in Uganda and Zaire, Ripon Falls (Uganda), Bagasson (Congo) and Stanleyville (now Kisangani in Zaire), all north of Lake Victoria, then to Uganda, the Belgian Congo...

African villages and music

Identifier: Film Collection no. 140
Scope and Contents This segment, hosted by Charles Collingwood, discusses the use of music in African villages, especially music samples of the Babembe (i.e. Bembe) found in the Middle Congo of French Equatorial Africa (now Congo). Typical Babemic instruments, such as an earth bow, two-man bow, mouth harp, drums, sanza, calabash, ocarina, ngonfi, and nasambi (a lute-like instrument) are shown in films produced by Jurgen Beach of Denmark and Herbert Pepper, chairman of the Musicology Department of the University...

Afrique equatoriale : Tchad

Identifier: Film Collection no. 176
Scope and Contents This film provides a general overview of the various peoples of Chad, including footage of Bolong Tam Tam (men dancing in circular formation); warriors of Mokoulou; Jeram Hatab, Sultan of the Dangaleats at Korbo; and the Mokoulous' Sultan Kabir; the landscape of Chad with market scenes at Moyto Hadjerai; wells in the Hadjeri land in the north central region of the country; the oasis of Fada; Mount Fada; and Zakourna National Park. Indigenous animals seen in the film are dromedaries,...

Afrique noire : Senegal

Identifier: Film Collection no. 177
Scope and Contents This film provides a general portrait of Senegalese life. The opening sequence features a Wolof woman modeling a variety of progressively more ornate sisal and wood hairpieces decorated with handmade brass ornaments. Among the Wolof, the intricacy of a woman's hairpiece denotes her age and marital status. The hairpieces pictured are now part of the museum's Man in Africa hall. Other images of Senegalese life depicted in the film include the fishermen of Kayar with their beautifully painted log...

Afrique occidentale : Mali

Identifier: Film Collection no. 178
Scope and Contents A broad panorama of various locations throughout Mali is offered here, including San Sangha, Mopti, Tombouctou (Timbuktu), and the Bani and Niger Rivers. One event featured appears to be a celebration where some men play drums while others display their weapons. In other scenes a group of men capture a manatee, and people ride horses and camels. Several mosques are filmed, their buttresses and columns showing the influence of Sudanese culture.

Afropavo Congo Peacock.

Identifier: Art Survey No. 1214

After hours at the Museum ; Domesticated animals ; Peter Freuchen

Identifier: Film Collection no. 71
Scope and Contents SEGMENT 1: After Hours at the Museum. In a CBS film starring actress-artist Tuuklikki, the protagonist is a museum secretary who gets disoriented in the halls of the American Museum of Natural History after the museum closes. She is frightened by the masks and the animals, especially because it is dark. She finally gains her equilibrium and the film concludes with her finding her way out of the building. SEGMENT 2: Domesticated Animals. Peter Putnam, a blind history instructor at Princeton...

After hours at the Museum ; Red deer

Identifier: Film Collection no. 107
Scope and Contents SEGMENT 1: After Hours at the Museum. The first segment is a previously shown short film entitled After Hours at the Museum. The previous showing was on May 16, 1954. SEGMENT 2: Red Deer. Lee Crandall, curator emeritus for the Department of Birds, New York Zoological Society, is the guest at a remote broadcast from the Bronx Zoo (i.e. New York Zoological Park). The subject of the program is the differences between the lives of red deer in captivity and in the wild. In the protected environment...

A.G. Ellis Angkor Thom, Cambodia, Bayon Temple photographs

Identifier: PPC .E54
Scope and Contents Photograph of A.G. Ellis in front of the Bayon Temple in Angkor Thom, Cambodia. Included with the print is a photocopied letter from A.G. Ellis to Henry Fairfield Osborn dated November 19, 1924.

AG Southwest Native Americans photographic slides, undated.

Identifier: PSC 6
Abstract Field photographs of Southwestern Native Americans.

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