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Photographs of African people and culture

Identifier: PPC .A381
Scope and Content Note The majority of this collection consists of photographs and photographic postcards of African people, locations and objects. Many of the photographs are portraits and various cultures are represented. Most of the images are captioned and several items are accompanied by brief notes.The earliest dated item is among a group of photographs collected by Franz Uri Boas for research (Folder 1). These include various objects of ritual and daily use, pygmies at the 1904 St. Louis Exposition...

Picton and Mack photographic slides of African Textiles, 1979.

Identifier: PSC 581
Abstract Photographs of African textiles and textile weaving from the book African textiles: looms, weaving and design by John Picton and John Mack.

R. E. Colville photographic slide collection of spiders, undated.

Identifier: PSC 183
Abstract Photographs of spiders from California, Costa Rica, and South Africa. Species names identified on each slide.

Reginald Denham photographic slide collection of birds and mammals in Africa and Australia

Identifier: PSC 212
Scope and Contents Photographs of birds and mammals in Africa, Australia. Also includes one slide of African dancers.

Richard Van Gelder photographic slide collection of Africa, 1960-1981.

Identifier: PSC 551-553
Abstract Photographs taken in Africa of animals in nature, mostly mammals. Includes lions, cheetahs, elephants, hippopotamuses, wildebeests, baboons, giraffes, zebras, impala, hyenas, buffalo, elephant shrews, and jackals among others. Some photographs of colleagues, native people, and city buildings. Areas include Botswana, Serengeti, Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia. 551. Photographs taken 1960-1975. 552. Photographs taken 1976-1979. 553. Photographs taken 1981 and undated.

Robert H. Minton photographic slide collection, undated.

Identifier: PSC 356
Abstract Photographs of safari animals in East Africa. Includes zebra, giraffe, rhinoceros, lion, leopard, cheetah, baboon, and crocodile.

Ross A. Burley photographic slide of Bambouti pygmies dancing, undated.

Identifier: PSC 139
Abstract Field photograph of Bambouti pygmies of the Ituri Forest (Africa) dancing.

Ruth Fields photographic slide collection

Identifier: PSC 214-219
Scope and Contents Consists mostly of wildlife photography of mammals and birds and a few images of insects and reptiles. Photographs of East Africa plains, including safari animals, landscapes, birds and a couple of market scenes. Wading birds, small mammals. water lilies, other wetland flora in Florida. Some photographs of Indians in Mexico including portraits, village and market scenes. A small group of photographs taken in Alaska of icebergs, Alaskan natives and children. Box 219 is exclusively "Birds of the...

Sarah Dietz slide photographic slide collection, 1960-1990.

Identifier: PSC 591-610
Abstract Photographs taken around the world to accompany Sarah Dietz's lectures. Rehoused in 20 boxes in its original order. 591. China. 592. South Africa, China, Burma. 593. Indonesia, Mongolia. 594. China. 595. Ethiopia, India #1. 596. India #2. 597. Fiji, New Zealand, Australia. 598. Australia. 599. Arizona, Galapagos, Russia, Tanzania, Ethiopia. 600. Italy, Solomon Islands, Great Barrier Reef. 601. Thailand, Central Asia, Japan. 602. India, Great Rivers, Vietnam. 603. Java, Iran. 604. Madagascar,...

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Akeley, Carl Ethan, 1864-1926 4
Akeley, Mary L. Jobe (Mary Lenore Jobe), 1878-1966 4
American Museum of Natural History. Akeley Memorial Hall of African Mammals 4
Chapin, James Paul, 1889-1964 4
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Clark, James L. (James Lippitt), 1883-1969 3
Akeley-Eastman-Pomeroy African Hall Expedition of the American Museum of Natural History (1926-1927) 2
Boas, Franz, 1858-1942 2
Central African Expedition of the American Museum of Natural History (1947-1948) 2
Ker, Donald I. (Donald Ian), 1905-1981 2
Klein, Alfred J. 2
Murphy, Robert Cushman, 1887-1973 2
Shapiro, Harry L. (Harry Lionel), 1902-1990 2
Adamson, Hans Christian 1
Akeley African Expedition to the Belgian Congo of the American Museum of Natural History (1921-1922) 1
American Museum of Natural History. Department of Education 1
American Museum of Natural History. Department of Exhibition 1
American Museum of Natural History. Department of Ichthyology 1
American Museum of Natural History. Library 1
Andrews, Roy Chapman, 1884-1960 1
Archbold Expedition to Arizona (1940) 1
Archbold Expedition to New Guinea (1st : 1933-1934) 1
Archbold Expedition to New Guinea (2nd : 1936-1937) 1
Archbold Expedition to New Guinea (3rd : 1938-1939) 1
Archbold Expedition to New Guinea (4th : 1953) 1
Archbold Expedition to New Guinea (5th : 1956-1957) 1
Archbold Expedition to New Guinea (6th : 1959) 1
Archbold Expedition to New Guinea (7th : 1964) 1
Archbold Expeditions 1
Archbold, Richard 1
Australian Expedition (1st : 1921-1922) 1
Beals, Jessie Tarbox 1
Beebe, William, 1877-1962 1
Bendig, Allen 1
Berkey, Charles Peter, 1867-1955 1
Bernheim, Claude 1
Bernheim, Danielle 1
Bernheim-Conant Expedition of the American Museum of Natural History (1953-1954) 1
Brass, L. J. (Leonard J.) 1
Breder, Charles M. (Charles Marcus), 1897-1983 1
Brown, Barnum 1
Burden, W. Douglas (William Douglas), 1898-1978 1
CBS/AMNH Adventure Series (1953-1956) 1
Campbell, William Durant, 1907-1995 1
Cape York Expedition (1948) 1
Chapman, Frank M. (Frank Michler), 1864-1945 1
Cockerell, Theodore D. A. (Theodore Dru Alison), 1866-1948 1
Columbia Broadcasting System, inc. 1
Correia, José G., 1881-1954 1
Dean, Bashford, 1867-1928 1
Denham, Reginald, 1894-1983 1
Deusing, Murl 1
Dickinson, W. V. D. (William Vicris Digby), 1889-1948 1
Du Chaillu, Paul B. (Paul Belloni), 1835-1903 1
Dyer, Walter Gurnee 1
Emmerich, A. J. 1
Fields, Ruth 1
Foster, Robert 1
Frick, Childs, 1883-1965 1
Goodwin, George Gilbert 1
Granger, Walter, 1872-1941 1
Gregory, William K. (William King), 1876-1970 1
Healy, Scott 1
Hellman, Milo, 1872-1947 1
Jansson, Arthur August, 1890-1960 1
Johnson, Osa, 1894-1953 1
Kaston, B. J. (Benjamin Julian), 1906-1985 1
Knight, Charles Robert, 1874-1953 1
Lang, Herbert, 1879-1957 1
Larson, Thomas J. (Thomas John) 1
Lerner, Michael, 1890-1978 1
Lowry, Barbara 1
Lowry, David A. 1
Lucas, Frederic A. (Frederic Augustus), 1852-1929 1
Lutz, Frank Eugene, 1879-1943 1
Mack, John 1
Martin Johnson African Expedition (2nd : 1924-1928) 1
Mission Zoologique franco-anglo-américaine à Madagascar (1929-1931) 1
Morden, Irene 1
Morden, William J. (William James), 1886-1958 1
Musser, Guy G. 1
Nathan, Francis 1
Nichols, John T. (John Treadwell), 1883-1958 1
Noble, G. Kingsley (Gladwyn Kingsley), 1894-1940 1
Osborn, Henry Fairfield, 1857-1935 1
Pallister, John 1
Parr, Albert Eide, 1900-1991 1
Raddatz, Richard 1
Raven, Henry Cushier, 1889-1944 1
Richardson, William B. 1
Rockwell, Robert H. 1
Schwarz, Herbert Ferlando, 1883-1960 1
Simpson, George Gaylord, 1902-1984 1
Skinner, H. D. (Henry Devenish), 1886-1978 1
Sound Masters (Film) 1
Spalding-Peterson Expedition (1959) 1
Sulawesi Expeditions (1973-1976) 1
Tate, G. H. H. (George Henry Hamilton), 1894-1953 1
Trask, Louise B. 1
Van Deusen, Hobart M. 1
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