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Our moon and other moons ; Invertebrates

Identifier: Film Collection no. 30
Scope and Contents In Our moon and other moons, the earth's moon and other satellites in space are discussed by Joseph M. Chamberlain, Catherine E. Barry and Frank H. Forrester, astronomers at the AMNH-Hayden Planetarium. The instruments used to study the solar system are presented, the short film Moons of Saturn is shown, and Copernican theory is discussed. (The first space probe to the moon was landed by the Soviet Union in September 1959 and the first man stepped on the moon on July 20, 1969.) In...
Dates: 1953

Planets ; Oil well #2

Identifier: Film Collection no. 115
Scope and Contents SEGMENT 1: Planets. The program begins with a presentation of Professor Melies's 1902 film Le Voyage dans la Lune. This classic French film depicted an imaginary voyage to the moon. Joseph M. Chamberlain, chief astronomer at the AMNH-Hayden Planetarium, is interviewed about projected space travel and man's concept of the universe. A discussion follows, about what planets really look like and whether any of them are capable of supporting life. A Hayden Planetarium film on a trip through space...
Dates: 1955


Identifier: Film Collection no. 139
Scope and Contents Walter Ashlin Fairservis, AMNH archaeologist, served as consultant for this broadcast on Pompeii, the ancient Roman city buried for seventeen centuries by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. The entire city of Pompeii is reproduced for this program in a realistic model. Films of the eruption of a volcano and strengths and weaknesses of Roman life help portray the events which led to the fall of the Roman Empire. Sins of Pompeii is the title of the film that depicts the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius...
Dates: 1956

Portrait of the Arctic

Identifier: Film Collection no. 61
Scope and Contents

The entire show is a film narrated by Robert Cushman Murphy, AMNH ornithologist. Murphy discusses life in the Arctic and identifies various animals and birds seen in the film. The film tracks a polar bear cub from its early nursing days through adventures with eider ducks, foxes, and a walrus. The danger of the bear's lifestyle is portrayed in a delightful sequence of events which depict animal life in the Arctic.

Dates: 1954

Primitive strikes back

Identifier: Film Collection no. 88
Scope and Contents Harry Tschopik, AMNH curator of ethnology, discusses the relationship between primitive peoples and the scientific anthropologist and others who study them. Tschopik uses artifacts collected from native tribes all over the world to demonstrate how ethnologists study primitive cultures and how they are sometimes studied in turn. Scenes from a Sydney Kaufman production, Sorcerer's Village, depict snake dances, jugglers, stilt dancers, and an inauguration ceremony on the Ivory Coast. The film...
Dates: 1954


Identifier: Film Collection no. 108
Scope and Contents Broadcast from the museum's Hall of Mexico and Central America, the program presents an in-depth examination of the influence Quetzalcoatl (Serpent God of the Aztecs) had on four major cultures. Mixtec, Toltec, Mayan, and Aztec Indians worshiped Quetzalcoatl, who was believed to be both a legendary hero and ruler, as well as a benevolent deity. He first provided the Aztecs with great material blessings including, it is believed, maize. In Central American religions, Quetzalcoatl has a...
Dates: 1955

Rams of the rimrock ; Brontosaurus ; Trance and dance in Bali

Identifier: Film Collection no. 27
Scope and Contents SEGMENT 1: Rams of the Rimrock. Harold E. Anthony, AMNH mammalogist, introduces the first segment of this program while standing in front of the bighorn sheep diorama in the museum's Hall of North American Mammals and discusses the courtship behavior of the rams. This film, made by naturalist and AMNH lecturer Cleveland Grant, depicts the animals in head-on collisions fighting for mates. These rams have been known to fight for days over one female. SEGMENT 2: Brontosaurus. Shot in the Hall...
Dates: 1953

Scientific hoaxes

Identifier: Film Collection no. 55
Scope and Contents Scientific hoaxes of the past century are the subject of this broadcast hosted by Charles Collingwood. Paul Curtis's American Mime Theatre perform a shadow play on the discovery of the Cardiff Giant, the wolf-boys, Piltdown Man and other hoaxes. The celebrated case of the Cardiff giant proved to be a mass of gypsum that had been secretly buried near Cardiff, N.Y., and was discovered in 1869. Bergen Evans, professor of English at Northwestern University and author of The Natural History of...
Dates: 1954

Sea of darkness ; Oil well #4

Identifier: Film Collection no. 118
Scope and Contents SEGMENT 1: Sea of Darkness is the title of the main portion of this broadcast, the second program in a series on "waters." Albert E. Parr, Director of the AMNH and a marine biologist, is interviewed by Charles Collingwood on the subject of the Atlantic Ocean. The discussion includes an analysis of the Atlantic from Labrador to Puerto Rico, and legends about the ocean. A scale model of the ocean floor and other visual aids are used to illustrate topographical features, particularly the...
Dates: 1955

Seabirds' struggle for survival

Identifier: Film Collection no. 143
Scope and Contents Robert Cushman Murphy, AMNH ornithologist, is a guest on this program which examines the subject of seabirds struggling for survival. In Arne Sucksdorff's films, The Great Adventure, and the latest one on murres, The Defenseless Seabird, the efforts to prevent overpopulation and aggressive domination are discussed. The Great Adventure was shown in previous broadcasts (May 5, 1954 and December 12, 1954). The murres are attacked and preyed upon by two species of gulls on the open ledges and...
Dates: 1956

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