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Vertebrate Paleontology Expedition to Como Bluff, Wyoming (4th : 1900)



  • Existence: June 1900 - October 1900


The expedition team returned to Como Bluff, Wyoming, to excavate in Bone Cabin Quarry. They returned with more than 100 fossil specimens, including skulls and limbs of dinosaurs.

Participants: Kaisen (leader), Dr. F. B. Loomis (Amherst College) - volunteer (June 23rd-Sept 13th), Paul Miller - cook (June 10th- October 1st), Granger (July 5th - October 10th), Thomson (July 5th- October 1st) Granger and Thomson joined on July 5th and assisted. During the latter part of July and early in August Granger and Thomson prospected exposures in Little Medicine Creek, Freeze out Hills, Sheep Creek, and Como Bluff. Found a promising prospect in Como Bluff near the old station of Aurora. Started working there. After closing of the Bone Cabin Quarry, the efforts of the entire party were concentrated on Como Bluff. Como Bluff specimen was ready to be packed on Sept 20th.

On October 1st, Thomson left Aurora to join the Black Hills Expedition at Sturgis, S.D. On October 10th, a freight car was made available on the spur at Medicine Bow and the fossils were loaded. On October 10th Granger left for Sturgis.