Sanford-Legendre African Expedition

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1928 November 30 - 1929 August 29

Biographical or Historical Note

To collect a group of Nyala, birds, and mammals, for an African Hall exhibit. In addition they brought back many mammals, and some birds and reptiles

Personnel: MacCreagh, Gordon, leader; Carter, T. Donald, leader; Sanford, Gertrude, sci.; Legendre, Sidney, sci.; Legendre, Morris, sci

Department: Dept. of Mammals

Sponsors: Gertrude Sanford's father, John Sanford, subsequently donated money for the mounting of the group; Gertude Sanford and Sidney and Morris Legendre provided financial assistance necessary for the expedition itself

Sources: AMNH Annual Report No. 60, 1928, p. 20, 51; NO. 61, 1929, pp. 12, 71; Natural History magazine, XXIX, 1, Jan.-Feb., 1929, p. 105; XXIX, 4, July-Aug, 1929, p. 444;XXX, 1, Jan.-Feb., 1930, pp. 17-32; 2, March-April, 1930, pp. 161-176



Abyssinia (Ethiopia)

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