Stefansson-Anderson Arctic Expedition of the American Museum of Natural History (1908-1912)

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1908 - 1912

Biographical or Historical Note

To study Eskimo tribes; collect birds and mammals

Personnel: Stefansson, Vilhjalmr, leader; Anderson, R.M., sci

Department: Dept. of Anthropology

Sponsors: AMNH: Geological Survey of Canada, and Mrs. Morris K. Jesup

Sources: AR, No. 40, for 1908, printed in 1909, p. 37; No. 44, for 1912, printed in 1913, p. 17; P.C. 2 Authority File (Stefansson-Anderson Arctic Expedition); American Museum Journal, VIII, 7, Nov. 1908, pp. 101-106; IX, 5, May, 1909, pp. 109-115; X, 7, Nov. 1910, pp. 212-220; XIII, 1, Jan. 1913, pp. 5-21; Stefansson, V. My Life with the Eskimo. NY, Macmillan, 1913


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