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American Museum of Natural History. Department of Library Services.

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1869 - present
The Library of the American Museum of Natural History was established in 1869 with the founding of the museum. Since that time, it has grown into one of the largest natural history libraries in the world, with topics spanning the full range of all the natural sciences except botany. It also includes the Perkin Astronomy Collection, which was transferred from the Hayden Planetarium in 1997. The Library's mission is to foster intellectual growth and support the research, teaching, and educational activities of the Museum. The Library fulfills its mission by acquiring, organizing, preserving and making available collections of scholarly materials in all formats to Museum staff, students, the wider scientific community and the general public. The Library's holdings are comprised of a research collection, special collections and digital collections. (source: American Museum of Natural History Jesup Society newsletter, Spring 2014, Volume 9 Issue 3 and AMNH website, accessed October 11, 2017)

Puthuff, Hanson Duvall, 1875-1972

Exist Dates
1875 - 1972
1 to 2 of 2 total results.