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PlaceEntry: Tumen River
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Andrews Whaling Expedition to Korea of the American Museum of Natural History (1911-1912)

Exist Dates
1911 - 1912
Andrews requested permission to to go to Korea in order to ascertain whether the California Gray Whale was extinct, as was generally thought, and to collect specimens of marine mammals. He was authorized to conduct the expedition by Professor Osborn who was the director of the museum at the time and the museum financed that part of the trip. In order to conduct the necessary observations, Andrews used his existing relationship with the Japanese Whaling Company that he established during his previous trip to the Orient. The company allowed Andrews to study whales at their whaling station on the Korean coast. Andrews planned to follow the study of the whales on the coast with an expedition into the interior of the Korean peninsula. The interior was generally unexplored and Andrews wanted to map it and to collect mammal and bird specimens. Andrews had to raise the money for the second half of the trip. At the end of the expedition, Andrews briefly visited China to do some sightseeing. After that he travelled to Europe through Russia, stopping in Moscow. On the way to New York, Andrews also visited Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.
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