American Museum of Natural History. John Burroughs Corridor (Exhibit)

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approximately 1928 - present

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Permanent exhibition. Opened approximately 1928. Located on Floor 2 in 1936 and Floor 1, Section WC. The John Burroughs Corridor (Exhibit) at the American Museum of Natural History showcases memorabilia from the life of nature writer John Burroughs, including paintings, photographs, and mementos from his residences of Slabsides, Woodcuck Lodge, and Riverby (1, 1969/70, p. 39; 2). Before 1936, the Burroughs Room exhibited local birds on the west landing of the second floor. Though the John Burroughs exhibit is mentioned in the 1928 and 1936 Annual Reports, exactly where the hall was located is unclear, until it was redesigned and subsequently reopened on April 3, 1970 in its current location (1, 1928 p. 6; 1, 1936, p.14; 1, 1969/70 p. 39).


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AMNH: Floor 1.

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Burroughs, John 1837-1921

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