Albatross Expedition (1911)

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To collect mammals, incluing birds, fishes and reptiles in the Lower California peninsular and surrounding islands

2 months starting on February 25

Personnel: Townsend, Charles H., leader (New York Aquarium), and seven investigators and collectors representing the US National Museum in Washington, N.Y. Zoological Society, and the N.Y. Botanical Gardens, and Bell, G.B., of the AMNH Preparation Department

Department: Various departments of the AMNH, and other institutions (mentioned under personnel), and the U.S. Bureau of Fisheries

Sponsors: Bureau of Fisheries, AMNH, and the various institutions cooperating in the expedition, and James, Arthur Curtiss

Sources: AMNH #43 Annual Report for the year 1911, p. 42; A.M. Journal, vol. 11, no.3, March 1911, pp. 100-102; A.M. Journal, vol. 11, no.3, April 1911, pp. 109-112


    Library of Congress Name Authority File: no2016141444

Written by: Iris Lee
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