William D. Campbell African Expedition of the American Museum of Natural History (1936-1937)

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1936 - 1937

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To make studies and to collect mammals, esp. Black Rhinoceros and Okapi, for Nile River-Black Rhinocerus Group

Personnel: Campbell, W.D., leader; Kane, Robert W. sci., Christensen, Gardell, scient. of Preparation and Museum Xcollector..; Dickinson, W. V. D., sci., Kanr, Robert

Department: Dept. of Mammalogy

Sponsors: Campbell, W. D

Sources: AMNH Annual Report No. for , 1936, pp. 3, 4, 42-43; No. 69, for 1937, p. 61; XXXIX, Jan. 1937, p. 69, Feb. 1937, pp. 116-119



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