Miner-Olsen Expedition to West Indies

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To study and photograph, and make a final check on the coral reefs and fishes before the final work on the Coral Reef Group in the Hall of Ocean Life

Personnel: Miner, Roy W., leader; Olsen, Chris E., leader; Miller, Roswell, photog

Department: Dept. of Living Invertebrates

Sponsors: Miller, Roswell; Morgan, Junius S.; Hay, Clarence L.,; Toothe, E.S., and friends of the Museum

Other: With much help from Bahamian officials

Sources: AMNH Annual Report No. 65, 1933, p. 13; Natural History magazine, XXXIII, 2, March-April, 1933, p. 225-226; XXXIII, 4, July-August, 342-343; XXXIII, 5, Sept-Oct, 1933, pp. 461-476


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