Bahamian Coral Reef Expedition

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To collect materials for coral reef exhibit

Personnel: Miner, Roy W., leader; and Messrs Mueller, Olsen and Childs of the Prep. Staff, Williamson, J.E., sci., photog . and son of inventor of the undersea tube used to descend to the sea bottom and view the submarine world

Department: AMNH; Dept. of Lower Invertebrates

Sponsors: Angelo Heilprin Exploration Fund, the Morris K. Jesup, and the Trustees Emergency Preparation and Exhibition Fund, and with cooperation of Forsyth, Comm. Of S. Andros, the Submarine Film Corp. and the facilitation of the work by the Governor and officials of Andros, Sir Harry Cordeaux

Sources: AMNH Annual Report No. 55, 1923, p. 95-96; No. 56, 1924, p. 55-56; Natural History magazine, XXIV, 3, May-June, 1924, p. 412, July-Aug., p. 534--535, XXIV, 5, Sept-Oct 1924, pp. 594-600


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